Do not let leads slip through the cracks.

Automate your lead routing so that every lead goes in to the hands of the right rep to close the deal. Never let a lead go cold.

Increase response times

Ensure every rep is following up within the team-defined SLA. Reassign leads if they haven’t  been followed up.

Increasing speed to lead means higher chances of conversion.

Scale your team easily

Adding salespeople to your team became easier. Simply add them to a team to begin routing leads to them instantly.

Never let leads go cold

When you assign to a user who is not available or on leave, you decrease your chances of conversion.

Help your team stay on top of leads by assigning leads to users who are available.

Segment leads anyway you want

Easily add new segments as you grow – add a new product line, territory or lead source and start assigning instantly to your team.

Easily add reps to the round robin

When you are growing fast, you are adding reps to your team faster.

Add or remove reps from assignment with one click and in real time. No admin required.

Build your routing strategy around accounts.

Match incoming leads with existing named accounts or customers and directly route leads to account owners or success managers.

Identify high-value targets

Get insights from routing and understand where you need to make changes.

See matched accounts to understand the account engagement and identify high value targets.

More power features that you would love…

Real-time assignment

Pause and play assignments in real-time.

Distribution algorithm

Choose from round robin, weighted, load balanced

Rep Schedule

Distribute leads based on team or user work hours

Easy Intuitive UI

Drag and drop UI to easily scale your routing strategy

Faster Follow-ups

Set reassignment rules for reps using SLA for faster follow ups

Match Account

Inbuilt lead to account matching to identify customer accounts


Limit the number of leads to assign to reps on hourly, daily basis


Console view and analytics to track and monitor routing

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