Increase your sales team's efficiency

Powerful automation to ensure your team succeeds in their goals

Scale easily

When a new rep joins you may want to give them a few leads to start off with while they are still learning the ropes.

Use weighted distribution to assign more leads to senior reps.

No Cherry Picking

Your sales reps will pick out the hottest leads according to them and may not focus on the other leads. Say no to cherry picking with automation.

Modify your routing strategy easily

Balance the load for your salespeople with multiple routing algorithm support.

Assign more to senior reps, balance leads when reps have more than they can handle

Go account based in Salesforce

Implement account based selling in Salesforce with lead distribution based on account attributes. Segment leads from customer accounts & prospect accounts and route differently.

Powerful out of the box algorithms for matching leads to accounts, contacts and opportunities.

Higher chances of closing

Define service level agreements for your team so that every lead is reached out within the SLA time increasing your chances of conversion.

No lead gets cold

Availability and holidays let you set vacations for your rep in advance and pause routing for them. Ensure every lead is routed to an available rep.

Notify your team when a lead is matched

Notify the sales rep, account executive, success manager when a lead is matched to a named account. Get everybody on the same page.

Increase team productivity

See matched account data on leads and provide your reps with the right context.

More power features that you would love…

Real-time assignment

Pause and play assignments in real-time.

Distribution algorithm

Choose from round robin, weighted, load balanced

Rep Schedule

Distribute leads based on team or user work hours

Easy Intuitive UI

Drag and drop UI to easily scale your routing strategy

Faster Follow-ups

Set reassignment rules for reps using SLA for faster follow ups

Match Account

Inbuilt lead to account matching to identify customer accounts


Limit the number of leads to assign to reps on hourly, daily basis


Console view and analytics to track and monitor routing

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Getting started is easy

Increase speed to lead with Power Router