Win more with Power Router

Supercharge your Sales Stack and don't lose revenue because of routing glitches - Setup a system that scales with your team.

Route the way you envision it

You don’t have to spend days to modify complex rules to make your routing work. Deploy instantly with an intuitive drag and drop UI and get started instantly.

Get new leads to the right rep fast based on their segment expertise and

Reps, Reps & More Reps

A rep leaves, you contact your system admin, remove them from the assignment rules, assign their leads and accounts to some one else. Add someone else to their rules. So much time wasted.

The new way – Remove the rep from the time or just mark them inactive. One click. Thats right.

Impress prospects with prompt follow-up

Imagine if all your reps followed up on a lead within the first 20 minutes? Sounds to good to be true?

You can define SLAs for follow ups so that a lead automatically gets reassigned when no action is taken. So a hot lead is always reached out on time.

More features that you would love…

A process is always better

Create a standard process for your sales teams with Power Router actions.

Quickly assess key metrics

Access key trends in lead flow and identify areas for growth.

Scale to thousands of leads, accounts & contacts

Scale to thousands of leads, accounts & contacts with no added

Works with your existing tools

Connect Power Router with Marketo, Clearbit or existing Salesforce rules to create your workflows.

See how top brands are
successfully using PowerRouter

Power Router is a terrific, easy to implement solution to round robin distribution of records. Plus, the support is helpful and responsive!
Eitan Altman
Sales Ops, Chatmeter

One of the best tools we have in our Salesforce stack. It just works seamlessly and assigns leads to the correct person everytime!
Mathew Duff
Sales VP

Fantastic app and amazing service provided. Perfect lead routing system. Would recommend for ANY sales team!
Charles Jacobson
Flywheel Sports
It’s easy to get started

And it’s free. Two things everyone loves.