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Rediscover lost potential

Not every lead converts right away – 27% never even speak to sales. PowerRouter helps you discover promising overlooked leads in your Salesforce CRM. Add them to marketing campaigns or assign them to sales.  Increase your sales without the hassle of prospecting.

Re-engage lost leads

Even the most promising leads drop-off mid funnel. But lost leads are not lost causes. Stop leaving them behind. Bring back past engaged leads into your sales cycle based on custom criteria like lead activity or behavior score. Add them to the right sales sequences automatically. Turn lost leads into conversions.

Prospecting overlaps means poor buyer experience

Not all form submissions mean new leads. Some may have already engaged with you in the past. Stop your reps from chasing the same lead multiple times, or worse, prospecting customers. PowerRouter checks every new lead across the entire CRM database and past marketing campaigns. Eliminate prospecting confusions and ensure each lead lands in the hands of its right owner.

Get clear marketing insights

Marketing has a data problem. Attribution is a common challenge with various lead sources in play. With PowerRouter, you can efficiently monitor marketing campaign’s influence on not just customer sales but your entire bottomline.

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