Smart Distribution. Expandable Pipeline. 2X Win Rates With Power Pipeline

Build a flexible and ever-expanding pipeline without any spreadsheets. Say goodbye to manual efforts and hello to smart account distribution for improved pipeline efficiency.

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Account Distribution on Autopilot

Manual spreadsheet assignments often lead to lost deals. With Power Pipeline, your distribution engine runs on autopilot – no spreadsheets or manual processes required. Accurately segment target accounts based on custom criteria like geography or revenue size. Assign qualified accounts to best-fit SDRs based on their unique skills and experience.

Double Conversion Rates with Existing Pipeline

60% of accounts in your pipeline aren’t even in the market. Holding onto them results in lost sales productivity. Enable your SDRs to return unfit and unqualified accounts with return reasons. Leverage SDR feedback on account quality to build high-quality pipelines and boost win rates.

2X Sales Velocity

Not every account in your pipeline converts or responds right away. Don’t let unresponsive accounts slow down your sales velocity. Keep your SDRs focused on accounts with higher conversion potential. Take unresponsive accounts back from their pipeline and increase their sales velocity by 2X.

Give Every Account the Right Attention it Deserves

Stop losing potential opportunities to SDR inaction. Identify unengaged accounts and reassign them to next best SDRs immediately. Ensure every account receives the prompt attention and action it deserves.

Convert Lost Deals into Closed Wins

Not all lost deals are lost causes. With PowerRouter’s Deal Reactivation, you can easily identify engaged-lost accounts with renewed interest. Bring them back into your sales cycle and re-engage them before your competitors do.

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