Get more revenue with less pipeline

Maximize conversions by focusing on qualified leads. Prioritize and assign leads strategically to your top reps for faster conversions

The go-to-choice of today's modern revenue teams

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Reach every buyer at the perfect moment

Don’t let disorganized pipeline hurt your revenue goals. Prioritize hot deals with the most potential to convert. Filter out unqualified leads to make room for more qualified ones.

Get your sales cycles moving faster

Quick conversations get you to decision makers faster. Easily assign high-intent leads to experienced reps for efficient conversations. No more lead leaks to remote or off-hour schedules. Connect leads to available reps based on territory or custom round robin.

Take quick action on every lead

Every lead in your pipeline counts. Never let one fall through the cracks. Bring them back into the funnel with scheduled rerouting.

Stop leaking leads to delayed responses

No more chasing reps or leaking leads to remote, off-hour schedules. Assign leads based on availability to avoid delayed responses.  Enable prompt follow-ups with SLA-driven assignment rules.

Your source of truth for lead routing

Unify your data, processes, and tools within Salesforce

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Lead to Account Matching in Salesforce, Quick and Easy Way

Picture this: You are running a successful outbound sales campaign, and one of your leads from those efforts unexpectedly comes through your inbound route. This lead is then assigned to one of your inbound SDRs. The catch is, your inbound team is unaware of the prior outreach by your outbound team and reached out to the prospect with curiosity. 

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The Easiest Way to do Lead Assignment in Salesforce

Lead generation is a top priority for 50% of marketers. On average, organizations generate an impressive 1,877 leads per month. Unfortunately, only 27% of them get contacted, which means companies are allowing 71% of their hard-earned leads to leak through the cracks, leaving valuable revenue on the table.

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