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Prevent data tasks from taking over your sales teams’ time. Minimize bad data. Maximize selling time

The go-to-choice of today's modern revenue teams

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Make your data work for you

Your CRM is only as good as the data in it. Stop wasting your sales teams’ time on outdated and duplicate prospect data. PowerRouter identifies, eliminates, and merges duplicate data from your CRM with ease. Ensure your sales team makes the most out of your CRM data

Take control of your data

PowerRouter helps you identify critical data effortlessly. No more relying on Salesforce admins. No more delays. Build custom deduplication rules to prevent duplicates entering your CRM database

Single source of truth for your data

Stop juggling data from multiple sources. Connect your campaigns, tools, and channels through Salesforce. It doesn’t matter where the data is coming from. With easy-to-use workflows, PowerRouter captures data from all directions, filters the clutter, and keeps your CRM up-to-date, ALWAYS

Your source of truth for lead routing

Unify your data, processes, and tools within Salesforce

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The Easiest Way to do Lead Assignment in Salesforce

Lead generation is a top priority for 50% of marketers. On average, organizations generate an impressive 1,877 leads per month. Unfortunately, only 27% of them get contacted, which means companies are allowing 71% of their hard-earned leads to leak through the cracks, leaving valuable revenue on the table.

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