Easy and simplified account-based motions

Effortlessly configure dynamic account-based workflows, within minutes. Give your teams the context they need to engage every account promptly and efficiently with easy-to-implement rules of engagement workflows

The go-to-choice of today's modern revenue teams

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Right account matches for every lead, everytime

Matching leads to the wrong account types can cost you potential deals. Identify different account types such as customer and partner accounts. Easily match every lead with the right account type to ensure each deal is handled correctly for improved conversions

Never miss a beat in your account engagement cycle

Customizing account engagement rules is challenging on its own. Getting your teams to follow them is an even bigger challenge. Quickly configure and automate your rules of engagement workflows for experience-driven account-based sales motions

Keep your teams aligned on key accounts

Transparency is crucial to avoid team conflicts and confusion. Avoid duplicated efforts and account conflicts. Keep your team informed about the account ownership status every step of the way. Avoid double assigning leads to multiple reps. Automatically transfer them to existing account owners

Your source of truth for lead routing

Unify your data, processes, and tools within Salesforce

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Lead generation is a top priority for 50% of marketers. On average, organizations generate an impressive 1,877 leads per month. Unfortunately, only 27% of them get contacted, which means companies are allowing 71% of their hard-earned leads to leak through the cracks, leaving valuable revenue on the table.

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