Simplified pipeline assignments
Maximized revenue efficiency

Effortlessly create, manage, and optimize routing workflows with simple drag-and-drop interface, the quick and easy way.

The go-to-choice of today's modern revenue teams

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to unlock their revenue potential

One-click solution for effortless lead routing workflows

Get to buyers faster. Stop revenue leaks

Efficient workflows lead to better outcomes. Customize complex workflows within minutes, not days. Match qualified leads to the right accounts easily with instant lead-to-account matching.

Avoid confusion. Connect with right accounts, everytime

Spend less time qualifying, more time engaging the right accounts. Know who owns an account instantly – no double-assigning, no duplicated efforts. Create custom rules of engagement on a fly to win more accounts.

Don't let bad data put your revenue at risk

Eliminate duplicates in your CRM and watch your sales productivity improve 2X. PowerRouter automatically double-checks every record across the entire CRM database. Identify and merge duplicate records in real-time to ensure accurate data and save time.

Revenue leaks are hard to track. Stop them from happening

75% of the prospects buy from the vendor that responds first. Respond to your leads within 5 minutes to 9x your chances of qualifying

Convert deals before they slip away

Connect hot leads to your qualified reps instantly for faster conversions. Track pipeline activity in real-time to keep an eye on revenue progress and take quick action to improve sales efficiency.

Every MQL is a potential sale. Never let one go unnoticed.

Boost marketing revenue with faster MQL and demo form conversions

Prioritize high-intent MQLs based on MQL score. Assign hot MQLs and demo leads to the right reps instantly for faster conversions. Get sales teams to act faster on high-potential MQLs and demo form leads instantly.

Sales teams rely on 10+ tools in their tech stack, resulting in underutilized sales potential and siloed data

Siloed data + misaligned teams = lost revenue

Take charge of your data and teams with one easy-to-use tool. Enable your sales and marketing teams to manage sales deals collaboratively with smart handoffs. Effortlessly manage all your leads from one place to gain control over your revenue funnel.

Customers expect responses within 15 minutes but the average wait time is 12 hours

Improve customer experience with quick speed-to-customer

Better customer experiences drive better retention. Go beyond conversions with experience-driven routing workflows. Make sure your CS teams connect with customers at the right times. Ensure quick resolution, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce churn.

Your source of truth for lead routing

Unify your data, processes, and tools within Salesforce

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