No-code, low-stress workflow automation

Make lead management easier with simple workflows for lead assignment, matching, and eliminating duplicates

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Easy Workflows. Efficient sales

One-click automation for faster GTM

Configuration delays typically means delayed responses. Quickly optimize dynamic GTM processes in minutes with simple drag-and-drop visual workflows. Create lead cohorts based on territory or revenue size. Focus your rep’s time on high-potential deals. 

Match with pinpoint accuracy

Match leads with the right accounts with pinpoint accuracy, avoid confusion. Set custom tiebreakers and avoid leads being matched to multiple accounts.

Prevent bad data from hurting your pipeline

Stop duplicate leads from entering your pipeline. Improve your pipeline efficiency by 95%. Automatically identify, merge, and eliminate duplicate leads as they enter your CRM in real-time.

Everything you need to automate Salesforce workflows at one place


Simple drag and drop interface to build any workflows.

Match & Route

Match & route any object in Salesforce instantly

Qualify & assign

Qualify and assign hot leads to the right reps in minutes.

Match with precision

Set custom tie breakers to find the best account match. 

Smart integrations

Stay connected and updated with smart integrations.

Interactive dashboards

Real-time insights into rep activities & sales metrics.

Real-time alerts

Alert reps in real-time to enable speed to lead.

Account handoffs

Connect buyers with the right teams throughout the buyer journey 

Duplicate matching

Find and merge duplicates between leads and contacts.

Round robin distribution

Distribute leads fairly and accurately

Load balancing

Limit assignments to avoid account and lead hoarding

Holiday management

Avoid assigning to inactive reps, who are unavailable

Your single source of truth for lead routing

Unify your data, processes, and tools within Salesforce

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