The Best Way to Manage Remote Teams in Salesforce for Improved Sales Productivity


According to HubSpot’s global sales trends report, 67% of sales reps are now operating remotely or in a hybrid setting. The trend is even more significant worldwide, with 70% of sales teams embracing remote work. However, 67% of sales managers find managing remote teams more challenging than expected. This highlights the crucial role sales team management plays in executing successful sales processes.

Managing remote sales teams comes with its fair share of challenges, and one of the most critical aspects is ensuring seamless collaboration and communication among all team members. Without regular check-ins and clear communication channels, your sales teams work in silos, hindering your revenue goals.

However, scheduling numerous impromptu meetings is not an ideal solution for sales teams. It takes valuable time away from selling and can lead to inefficiencies. So, what’s the best way to address this dilemma and maximize productivity?

That’s where PowerRouter steps in. Our no-code lead routing automation offers a solution that keeps your remote sales teams in sync without overwhelming them with lead assignments during their off hours or holidays.

How to Build an Efficient Sales Process with a Distributed Sales Team?

Eliminate Back-and-forth

Managing a remote team manually and assigning leads individually can be a tedious process, involving a lot of back-and-forth. Leads end up getting passed between multiple reps, almost like a hot potato, until someone finally takes ownership. Unfortunately, during this delay, your leads might end up losing interest or choose a competitor that responded faster than you.

With PowerRouter, you can eliminate this guesswork and constant back-and-forth. PowerRouter automatically assigns leads to the right rep based on their availability and capacity to handle new leads. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. The leads get contacted at the right time, and your reps don’t have to take on extra leads they can’t handle and miss the opportunities.

Avoid losing leads to off-hour assignments

In remote work environments, different teams and representatives work in different shifts, which means not all sales representatives are available at the same time. Using a round-robin lead assignment method, where leads are distributed sequentially, can lead to some leads being assigned to unavailable sellers. As a result, these potential opportunities might go unnoticed or unaddressed, causing the loss of potential customers and revenue.

With PowerRouter, setting shifts for different teams or sales representatives based on their geography becomes effortless. You can even set up multiple shifts for a single team or user and disable assignments during off-hours. This ensures that leads are distributed only to available and active representatives, avoiding missed opportunities during non-working hours.

Effortless team management

Manage your team changes effortlessly with PowerRouter. Whether you hire new reps, see old reps leave, or have reps getting promoted, you can quickly add or remove them from teams with a few simple clicks. This ensures your leads are always assigned to the right reps, avoiding any potential issues with unavailable or inexperienced reps handling critical deals.

Better visibility into your team’s availability

Having clear visibility into your team or sales representatives’ availability is essential to ensure a smooth lead assignment process. Without this vital information, there is a risk of inadvertently assigning leads to reps who might be on leave or unavailable. As a consequence, these leads may end up going unnoticed and neglected, causing missed opportunities and potential revenue loss.

You can set up events for both teams and individual users, allowing you to automatically skip assignments during their defined periods of unavailability. This functionality ensures that leads are not mistakenly assigned to reps who are not available to handle them.

Do you have multiple remote teams? Are you experiencing constant changes in your sales teams? No problem.

In today’s remote work environment, managing remote sales teams effectively is crucial for an efficient sales process. PowerRouter makes it easier for you to manage your distributed sales teams with dynamic assignments, team schedule setup, and availability management.

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