The Easiest Way to do Weighted Round-Robin in Salesforce

Weighted round robin distribution in Salesforce


Your lead generation looks nothing like it did in the past.

With multiple channels and diverse segments of lead generation, it’s nearly impossible to find the source of the lead. And it’s even more difficult to assign them to your right sales team manually.

Today’s customers expect quick responses from their vendors, making manual lead distribution detrimental to your revenue goals. Traditional round robin distribution is no longer sufficient, given the complexity of lead generation and increased expectations for response times.

Therefore, round robin distribution needs to be much more dynamic and sophisticated to deliver the best customer experiences.

That’s where Powerrouter comes in. PowerRouter is an intelligent no-code lead routing automation tool native to Salesforce.  With Powerrouter, you can go beyond simple round robin distribution and dynamically distribute leads to the right sales teams quickly, accurately, and efficiently. 

Let’s dive in and find out how we help you do that

Balance workload

Not all reps have equal capacity. Some can handle more, while others may handle less. Simply assigning more leads to all reps does not guarantee increased sales. Different reps have different working paces and schedules, so it’s important to allocate leads based on each rep’s individual capacity.

 Because providing your sales teams with a fair share of leads that they can realistically handle is key to an efficient sales process. 

With Powerrouter, you have the flexibility to adjust the capacity of your sales reps effortlessly. With just a click of a button, you can easily increase or decrease their assignment weights. Additionally, you have the option to set assignment caps or leave them uncapped, tailoring the assignment weight to each rep’s individual capacity.

Rearrange the order of assignment priority

Want to give your best reps the first shot at hot and qualified leads? Put your top reps at the front of the line. Prioritizing your top performers is now a breeze with PowerRouter. No more manual hassle or complex systems. Just a simple and effective lead assignment that helps you maximize results. 

With PowerRouter, you can effectively prioritize your top performers by swapping their positions in round robin teams. Isn’t it easier to ensure your qualified and hot leads always land in the hands of your best reps this way?

 More leads for your star reps means more revenue for your business!

Assign based on performance score

Every rep is different. So is their performance. But what if you could motivate all of them to reach their revenue goals consistently?

Quick question here: how do you measure your sales rep’s performance?

Well, it’s difficult manually, isn’t it?

But with PowerRouter, you can automatically measure their performance. Curious about how it impacts your lead routing process? You can adjust the assignment weights of your top-performing reps to make sure they are getting a higher volume of opportunities. It’s like giving each rep the right amount of opportunities they deserve without you breaking a sweat.

Ramping reps

When it comes to your ramping reps, it’s important to be careful with how you assign your leads. You’d want to assign them leads they are confident about and avoid overwhelming them. In this case, starting with a manageable amount of assignments and gradually increasing them over time is an ideal way to handle it. But how do you do it?

PowerRouter allows you to adjust the weight of assignments of your ramping reps based on their performance. So, you can gradually increase their assignment weight as they level up their sales game.

Optimize capacity utilization

Assigning leads through a simple round robin method can be challenging. It doesn’t always ensure that the leads are distributed fairly to everyone on the team. For example, some reps might end up with too many assignments, leading to stress and lower sales productivity. Meanwhile, other reps may have fewer assignments, demotivating them and resulting in reduced productivity.

Ultimately, it limits your sales team’s overall productivity and the company’s revenue potential.

With Powerrouter, you have the power to control the volume of leads assigned to each rep, making it effortless to manage assignments at any scale. You can easily decide whether to distribute leads equally among all reps or tailor them to individual capacities, ensuring a fair and efficient allocation.

PowerRouter makes selling easier for your sales team by giving the right leads to the right reps at the right times. It takes away the hassle of rigid and manual lead distribution rules so that your sales teams can work smarter and achieve their revenue goals, faster.  

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