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Help your teams hit their targets

More accounts doesn’t mean more revenue. Unqualified accounts dilute your sales efforts. Disqualify those that don’t fit your ICP criteria. Prioritize and assign sales-ready accounts. Build an active pipeline with qualified and responsive accounts. Maximize your revenue potential.

Give reps control over their pipeline

Prevent reps from hoarding accounts; pull back unresponsive ones. Don’t let unresponsive accounts hold your sales team back; Enable them to return unfit ones. Refresh their capacity to engage more accounts. Help them focus on high-quality accounts to drive more revenue.

Make the most of your sales team's capacity

Accounts don’t stay in your pipeline forever – they’re either won or lost. Refill your rep capacity with newer accounts, as soon as the older ones move out. Never let your sales team’s capacity go to waste; make sure they operate at peak capacity.

Stop wasting your sales capacity

Don’t let your reps sit idle with too few accounts or overburden them with too many. Track pipeline progress against capacity for every rep and team.  Keep the balance perfect for each rep. Automatically adjust capacity to suit your reps workload – increase or decrease assignments as needed. 

Performance-based assignments

Not all reps are alike. Your top performing reps consistently exceed their targets and deserve more accounts. Assign accounts based on performance and experience. Make sure your best reps have the accounts they deserve, without wasting a second.

Get new reps to ramp faster

Don’t burden your new reps with big numbers. Set easy-to-achieve targets to help them ramp quickly and efficiently. Increase assignments gradually based on performance. Improve overall team efficiency.

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