7 Ways to Use Slack for Sales

Are you still using spreadsheets to distribute leads? And asking reps who's up for the next lead? Maybe it's time to rethink. Slow lead response times can ruin your sales efforts, causing potential leads to slip through your fingers. Even worse? Causing them to choose your competitor.

How Challenging is the Data Silos in B2C?

Marketing faces a data challenge, especially in B2C companies. 

However, it’s not about not having enough data. 

In fact, they have abundant data.  

The hitch is that over 35% of marketers aren’t entirely confident about their data quality.

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7 Ways to Improve Speed to Lead

Do you know B2B SaaS businesses spend around $500 to $700 to get potential customers interested in their product? Shockingly, 27% of them go uncontacted.

78% of customers buy from first responders
Lead response times less-than-a-minute improves chances of conversions by 391%

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5 Ways to Improve MQL Conversion Rates

Every MQL is a potential sale because they are qualified, carefully nurtured, and engaged with your business. However, only 13% of MQLs convert into SQLs; and only 6% of SQLs convert into sales. And the rest of them slip through the cracks. 

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Native vs Non-Native Salesforce Apps: Which is Better?

In today’s efficiency economy, every organization is seeking tools to enhance their Salesforce experience, making it more seamless, quicker, and highly efficient. In fact, 94% of the organizations are planning to consolidate their sales tech stack in the upcoming 12 months, according to a Salesforce study.

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