The Easiest Way to do Lead Assignment in Salesforce


Lead generation is a top priority for 50% of marketers. On average, organizations generate an impressive 1,877 leads per month. Unfortunately, only 27% of them get contacted, which means companies are allowing 71% of their hard-earned leads to leak through the cracks, leaving valuable revenue on the table.

Ever wondered what causes your pipeline to leak? There are various reasons, including unqualified leads, ICP not fit, and poor timing. But the real impact on your bottom line is felt when qualified leads are lost.

Who’s to blame when your qualified leads leak? Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at your buyer experience, which might be impacted by your inefficient lead assignment process. 

Lead leakage

In fact, most of our customers mention configuration delays, poor speed to lead, lack of flexibility, and excessive reliance on developers as their primary challenges holding them back from scaling their Speed-to-Lead. But guess what? We hear you loud and clear! 

We’ve got an easier way to implement your lead assignment rules in Salesforce. Check out this quick read on how PowerRouter helps you easily build any type of lead assignment rules in Salesforce with a simple drag and drop interface. 

Lead Assignment Best Practices

Assign Leads to SDR Teams

Not all leads are created equal. The days of round-robining every lead that comes your way are gone. A shocking 74% of buyers mention that they buy based on positive customer experience, emphasizing that personalized first interactions are as crucial as speed-to-lead. 

Moreover, it’s not just the leads that vary; your sales reps have their unique strengths too! While some are perfect with enterprise deals, others are confident about SaaS startups. Therefore, ensuring that the right leads are going to the right sales teams can make or break your deals.

That’s where PowerRouter comes in! With PowerRouter, you can easily segment your leads based on territory, industry, company size, or your custom rules of engagement. You just have to watch as it assigns them to the perfect reps who fit the bill. Rest assured, your leads are always handled by experienced reps in the best possible way, improving your buyer experience and chances of conversion.

Of course, if the good old round-robin approach suits you better, PowerRouter has got you covered there too! 🎯

Assign Based on Availability

Did you know that 70% of leads are lost due to poor follow-ups? The reason is pretty simple: you might be overburdening your top performers with all the leads that come your way, leaving them unable to follow up with 70% of them.

And the result? Valuable leads slipping through the cracks.

With PowerRouter, you can prioritize high-quality leads that need immediate attention to ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities that are most likely to convert. You can ensure a balanced distribution of leads among all your teams, preventing any team or sales rep from becoming overwhelmed with the weighted round-robin approach.

This flexibility ensures your reps aren’t overwhelmed, and you don’t miss out on leads due to slow response times.

Assign Leads to Account Owner

Studies indicate that 70-75% of marketers practice Account-based Marketing. One common ABM-related challenge we hear from our customers is duplicate leads and multiple outreaches. For example, many leads from your inbound channel might have already been handled by your outbound SDRs. This results in double assigning and overlapping communication, ultimately leading to a poor buyer experience and potential deals slipping away.

PowerRouter has the perfect solution for this challenge. It automatically checks every lead against your entire Salesforce database before assigning them. If a lead already exists and matches an account, it assigns the lead to the existing account owner to avoid double assignments.

Reassign Leads to Avoid Missing Opportunities

When it comes to speed-to-lead, timing is everything! No wonder why 75% of prospects buy from vendors that respond first. But what happens if your rep fails to contact the lead in time?

With PowerRouter, you never have to worry about missing your SLAs because you can set custom SLAs. If a rep doesn’t meet their SLAs, PowerRouter swoops in and reassigns the lead to the next best rep. Hence, you can ensure that no lead ever goes unnoticed or unaddressed in the absence of your watch. You’ll always have a chance to contact the lead and save the deal from slipping away.

Notify SDRs for Quick Speed-to-Lead

Keeping your reps in the loop about new assignments is a hassle. Constant reminders are an even bigger challenge, and emails might get lost in your reps’ overflowing inboxes. But fear not, there’s an alternative!

Introducing Slack alerts for every new lead assignment! With real-time assignment alerts, your reps will always be on top of their pipeline and never miss a lead again.

Every lead is a potential sale, unless it’s not qualified. But without the right lead assignment process, even the most qualified leads can slip through the cracks, resulting in missed opportunities and revenue leakage.

With PowerRouter by your side, you can ensure no lead ever slips, enabling you to assign leads with speed and accuracy.

Want to get to your buyers faster? 

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